Functions and duties

1. Functions

- Civil Engineering Faculty (CEF) is one of the largest faculties in Mien Tay University of Construction, under the leadership of the rector, having networking with other faculties, departments and centers in the university;

- Civil Engineering Faculty trains the engineers being skilled in professional ability in civil engineering field; to participate with other faculties and departments in the university to train the engineers in the fields: Architecture, Urban and Zone Planning, Urban Construction Management, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Water Supply and Sanitation Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Transportation Engineering.

- Doing scientific researches in civil engineering field

2. Duties

1. To manage lecturers, staffs and students as assigned by the rector.

2. To plan and to organize the curriculum according to the general plan of the university.

3. To plan and to organize the scientific and technological activities and international cooperation; to integrate training and scientific research products.

4. To plan the human resource planning and upgrading facilities planning for training and scientific research to ensure education quality, social demand and international integration.

5. To plan and to organize to train the politics, ideology, morality and life style for staffs, lecturers and students; to organize training to improve specialist knowledge and professional skills for lecturers and staffs.

6. To organize to evaluate administrators and lecturers in the CEF faculty; participate in evaluating the administrators of the MTU.

7. To propose organization and personnel in the CEF faculty.

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